One Special Day, organised by gamers’ charity SpecialEffect, is an annual September fundraising day that brings the video games industry together every year to level the playing field for gamers with disabilities. The aim is to raise £100,000 to help the charity bring magic gaming moments to people of all ages who can only sit and watch everyone else have all the fun.

Buy games and change lives

On 29 September 2017, thousands of people bought or spent in our partners’ selected mobile, console or PC games, and 100% of the revenue from the UK – and in many cases worldwide – was donated to help SpecialEffect transform the lives of gamers.

We’re talking about Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Best Fiends, Company of Heroes, Word Brain, New Star Soccer, Dream League Soccer, Stronghold… these and many more popular games. Over 50 games industry companies including household names like EA, SEGA, Supercell and Rovio took part.

Why it matters

All the funds raised are going towards our work in helping people like Will, who can now play football online again for the first time since a spinal injury restricted all his movement to just his head and shoulders. He’d been told that he’d never be able to play games again, but now he’s levelling the playing field with a custom arrangement of a chin joystick and shoulder-operated switches that we put together.

The impact of this sudden ability to enjoy video games goes far beyond simply having fun. It brings families and friends together and has a profoundly positive impact on confidence, inclusion and quality of life.

The support of our partners – and your purchases – to help the hundreds of disabled people every year who ask for our assistance. Our teams of Occupational Therapists and technical specialists travel across the UK for face-to-face assessments and loans of customised technology to help bring joy into the lives of people with disabilities. In turn, we pass on what we learn to help hardware and software developers all over the world make their technology easier to use for as many people as possible.

What happened?

Along with the game sales, there was a 24 hour Humble Store sale, and an amazing Twitch livestream. In addition there was a fantastic One Special Day Ebay auction of gaming goodies that’s raised nearly £8000! And of course anyone can donate directly.

Thank you to our partners

What the games industry is doing for One Special Day is an incredible team effort. Every company participating is making a statement that everyone should be able to enjoy the fun of digital gaming. We can’t thank them and their players enough.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you! Any questions, just shout out to Nick Streeter on 01608 692266 or nick.streeter@specialeffect.org.uk

What the industry is saying about OSD

“Sports Interactive are long term supporters of SpecialEffect and their mission to bring gaming to all regardless of their disability. I’m also very proud to be a Vice President of the charity and am a big admirer of the work Dr Mick and his team do to help people. We are delighted to donate the chance to be in our next Football Manager title as an auction lot and support One Special Day and SpecialEffect in any way we can.”
Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive

“The Curve Digital team couldn’t be more proud to support One Special Day again this year. The work the SpecialEffect team do to transform gamers’ lives is absolutely outstanding and we’re so happy to be a part of this wonderful family. Join us!”
Alex Moyet, Curve Digital


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